Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

It’s hard to eat healthily and on a budget when working 9-5, especially when it comes to lunch. I usually resort to buying something over-priced in my lunch break out of convenience. However, this week I thought I’d avoid the struggle to the sandwiches amongst the suited worker ants and bring my own lunch. I don’t have much spare time now my commute is longer so I chose something really quick and easy that I could prepare beforehand.

Recipe | Breakfast Muffins

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I always feel really weird and faint if I go without it. So, instead of picking up something cheap and sugary or healthy but overpriced on my way to work, I’ve made a batch of healthy breakfast muffins for the week.

Recipe | Christmas Cupcakes

For the first time since I started work, I had a day off today! My company is moving office so we were given the day off and I took the opportunity to escape to Somerset for a long weekend. We’re putting up the decorations this weekend and it’s the Christmas market in Frome on Sunday so I thought I’d get into the festive spirit by baking some Christmas cupcakes.

Recipe | Tea Bread

Whilst I’m looking for a job, I regularly pop to London for interviews and stay with my boyfriend. I wanted to take him something and, as he’s from Yorkshire and loves tea, I decided to make him some Yorkshire tea bread! Tea bread is like a normal fruit cake but tea infused and not as rich. It’s the perfect afternoon pick me up, sliced, spread with butter and (unsurprisingly) is perfectly paired with a cup of tea. Luckily the recipe makes two loaves so I could leave one behind for my dad to keep him happy!