Recipe | Lemon and White Chocolate Truffles

Mothering Sunday is fast approaching and home-made truffles make an indulgent little gift that shows how much you care. As my mum is a big fan of anything lemony, I’ve made her some white chocolate and lemon truffles. They are really easy to make in advance and look luxurious once presented in a pretty box lined with tissue paper or a cellophane bag tied with a bow. Here’s how you can make them…

Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Book: A Review

As soon as the Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Book was released at the beginning of February, I’ve been looking forward to trying out some of the treatments from it. So when I had a rare couple of days off last weekend I took the opportunity to have a much needed pamper day. A combination of working weekends, wearing make-up every day and the cold weather meant that my skin was crying out for some TLC. Neal’s Yard have put together a hard-back beauty bible filled with natural remedies you can make at home.

Recipe | Valentine’s Breakfast

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s day has become grossly commercialised. However, somewhere behind the tacky cards and cuddly toys the sentiment is still there. The less cynical side to me enjoys the romantic gestures Valentine’s day encourages. When it comes to Valentine’s, actions speak far louder than words and it’s the little gestures that make it special, like making your other half breakfast in bed.

Style Diary | January

It’s show time! I work in events and show season not only means having 3 days off in 5 weeks, but the need for a wardrobe of trusty, comfortable but smart, show outfits. However I didn’t just want to buy dresses that I can only wear at the shows and smart occasions, but ones that can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation. This dress from ASOS fits the bill as its swing cut, round neck and textured stretch fabric ensure it is relaxed whilst still stylish at the same time.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

It’s hard to eat healthily and on a budget when working 9-5, especially when it comes to lunch. I usually resort to buying something over-priced in my lunch break out of convenience. However, this week I thought I’d avoid the struggle to the sandwiches amongst the suited worker ants and bring my own lunch. I don’t have much spare time now my commute is longer so I chose something really quick and easy that I could prepare beforehand.

How To Make A Felt Keyring

I thought that my new key looked lonely so I decided to make it a friend in the form of a felt keyring. I hadn’t done any sewing for ages and this is a really fun little project to ease yourself back into making things. I find sewing rather therapeutic. It’s a great way to spend cold, dark evenings and beat the January blues. Here’s how you can make your own friendly felt keyring.

Recipe | Breakfast Muffins

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I always feel really weird and faint if I go without it. So, instead of picking up something cheap and sugary or healthy but overpriced on my way to work, I’ve made a batch of healthy breakfast muffins for the week.