Recipe | Tea Bread

Whilst I’m looking for a job, I regularly pop to London for interviews and stay with my boyfriend. I wanted to take him something and, as he’s from Yorkshire and loves tea, I decided to make him some Yorkshire tea bread! Tea bread is like a normal fruit cake but tea infused and not as rich. It’s the perfect afternoon pick me up, sliced, spread with butter and (unsurprisingly) is perfectly paired with a cup of tea. Luckily the recipe makes two loaves so I could leave one behind for my dad to keep him happy!

Autumnal Hello

Hello, my name is Freya and I’m really excited to introduce you to Work It Girl. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while and having recently graduated from University, now is the perfect time. I hope you enjoy my blog as I share with you my journey into the real world, splitting my time between Somerset and London (or “the dark side” *said in a west country accent* as some locals have been known to call it!)