Crochet Cover Girl

Back in March I did a photo-shoot for the magazine Inside Crochet. Now the issues that I feature in have been published, I thought I’d share with you a selection of my favourite images. I know a crochet magazine doesn’t exactly sound rock n’ roll but then again, neither am I!

Style Diary | Birthday boots

I’ve had my eye on these boots for a while now. I came across them in January whilst browsing the internet and pointed them out to my uninterested boyfriend, who merely raised an eyebrow and turned his attention back to Fifa.

Recipe | Easter Hot Cross Bun Muffins

Last Easter I attempted to make some hot cross buns with my mum but we didn’t have any white bread flour so we used wholemeal instead. They were so heavey and almost inedible but that didn’t stop me tweeting king of buns Paul Hollywood a picture of them captioned ‘look at my mum’s bun’s’, which I thought was hilarious but probably perturbed him if he stumbled across it.